Health Services

The main health office for the district is located at Durham Elementary School.

The district employs a part-time school nurse and full-time health aide to provide health services to students at all school sites. If your child is unwell during the school day, we endeavor to contact you or your listed emergency contact. It is important that you keep all contact telephone numbers current by calling the school secretary with changes, so we can inform you as soon as possible if your child is unwell or has an accident.

If your child has special medical needs or you have concerns about your child's health, call the school nurse. A plan of care can be developed in conjunction with you and, if necessary, your child's doctor, to ensure that appropriate care is given at school.

West Nile Virus - Tips for Protection

West Nile Virus Season is upon us, and there have already been confirmed cases in Butte County. West Nile Virus (WNV) is a disease people can get from being bitten by an infected mosquito. While many people will not even be aware that they have the disease, others will experience a serious or even life-threatening illness. We want to remind you of some simple but important steps you can take to keep your family healthy and free of West Nile Virus. The attached links provide information that will reduce your risk of being bitten by mosquitoes and tips to eliminate free‐standing water where mosquitoes can breed. the Bite BrochureEnglish.pdf the Bite BrochureSpanish.pdf

Health Services Staff

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Micaela Mercado       School Nurse
 (530) 895-4697, x224
Carina Ellis
Health Technician   (530) 895-4697, x224
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