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Hello Tigers, Panthers and Trojans,

The 2018-19 school year is here!

It is my hope that everyone had a wonderful summer and shared many happy moments with loved ones and friends.  Those experiences are fleeting and precious. 

We at Durham Unified School District are looking forward to another great year!  I remain extraordinarily impressed with this community and the support everyone shows the kids.  It really is unique.

Raising and mentoring our kids requires that we as parents and educators expend tremendous effort, sometimes with a risk of them not being successful, at least initially…and when they aren’t, keeping our (and their) frustration at bay, making some adjustments, and going back and trying again as many times as it takes. 

Through sustained effort and a willingness to “grow”, each and every student will see their “best get even better”.  That is a shared belief here in our community and our schools.  I see it in practice every single day, from parents, to educators new to the profession, or seasoned vets…and whether our charges are the Tigers, Panthers, or the Trojans about to head out and start their adult life.  I also see it in the kids…the measure that counts the most. 

The responsibility and opportunity to show the kids the way to a happy and successful adult life is shared by parents and every person who sets foot on a public school campus, whether he or she works every day to provide a clean and safe facility and grounds, transports the kids, feeds them, coaches, works in one of the many other support service areas, volunteers, or stands up in front of the class.  We are all in this together, and I am continually amazed at the effort, skill, and dedication I see from everyone here in Durham. 

Lloyd Webb, Superintendent



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