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Regular Board Meeting
Date:  May 15, 2024
Time:  6:00PM Open Session, Closed Session to follow
Location: DUSD Boardroom or Zoom


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Board Information

Message from the DUSD Board of Trustees

Welcome to the Durham Unified School District!

From the Board of Trustees:

The Durham Unified School District Board of Trustees would like to welcome new and returning students, parents, and staff. As we begin the 2023-2024 school year, we are excited, enthusiastic, and confident that our students will set and achieve new goals in their academic journey to prepare them for a successful future. Thanks to a caring and dedicated staff, working hand in hand with parents and community volunteers, this journey will be very beneficial and rewarding for students, parents and staff.

You will see many new faces amongst our staff, who we hope you will meet, introduce yourself to and welcome them to our beautiful schools and community. Our new staff are: Lauren Bandy, DES; Rhiannon Benson, DES; Lesleigh Brunelle, DES; Heidi Carrillo, DHS/DIS; Angela Hale, DO; Hayley Hughes, DES; Molly Knobbe, DES; Shannon McLean, DES/DIS; Amanda Miller, DES; Katie Perkins, DES; and Regan Withrow, DIS/DHS.

We want to thank the valuable long-term staff, Kris Samuelson- 30 years and teachers: Kasey Hardesty – 37 years; Ramie Pisenti- 36 years; Andrew McCutheon 40 years; Lisa Farrage-Johnson- 29 years, who have retired after years of service to our students.

As usual, the New Year will bring new challenges for which we must try to anticipate and prepare for frequent new surprises coming from Sacramento and Washington. The state budget currently appears to have stabilized and this will, however, depend on the district's ability to meet the goals that our staff, parents, and community members have established for our Local Control Plan (LCAP) that will be monitored by the district, the Office of Education, and the State Department of Education. We view these challenges as opportunities to work as a team with parents, staff, volunteers, and all citizens to creatively develop solutions that protect the fiscal viability of our district while improving educational opportunities for all of our students.

Another challenge for the 23-24 school year will be the construction of our new Durham Intermediate School campus. We know it will at times be disruptive but our teachers, staff and administrators are working to minimize the inconvenience and effects on our students.

The key to the tremendous success of the Durham Unified School District is the active and ongoing support of parents. We encourage parents, friends, and community members to volunteer their time and skills to supplement our limited resources. Student attendance is critical to a student's success and our fiscal stability must be enhanced by encouraging them to practice good hygiene, proper nutrition and get plenty of rest. We encourage cooperation and partnerships that include parents, teachers, community volunteers/organizations, and staff that will ensure that we continue to be successful in our educational endeavors and ongoing source of community pride.

Our entire board of trustees takes seriously the responsibilities delegated to us to maintain and enhance our students' potential to become knowledgeable, productive, and responsible citizens. We encourage parents and citizens to review our policies that help guide us and our Administrative Team in achieving our mission. We encourage you to be actively involved in your child's education by visiting classrooms, volunteering when possible, and meeting to know and work with our teachers, principals, and the Superintendent. Our board holds monthly meetings with posted agendas and welcomes your attendance, input, and feedback. As Board members, we are also your neighbors, and we encourage you to feel free to contact us with any and all questions, concerns, or comments that you feel will help us achieve our district goals.

Finally, we thank you for your continued confidence in the Durham Unified School District and we look forward to working with you to help our students and staff complete another productive, safe and rewarding year.

Your Board of Trustees: Matthew Thorpe, Buzz Landon and David Loudermilk

President: Ed McLaughlin

Clerk: Jennie DuBose

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2024 Board Meetings

Regular Board Meetings are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month. The open session for regular meetings is scheduled to begin at 6:30pm, unless noted differently on the agenda for that meeting.

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  • March 13 - 2nd Wednesday

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