Facility Use

The following are the steps involved in using one or more of the DUSD facilities, or outdoor areas. 

  1. Fill out the facility use agreement found here. Please download and open the pdf using Adobe before filling it out. Some features may not work in preview mode. 

  2. Collect and turn in with your facility use agreement any needed insurance documentation (if applicable)

  3. Turn in your completed facility use agreement and insurance documentation (if applicable) into the office of the building/room/outdoor area that you wish to use. 

    1. The site principal and secretary will review your request. If approved by the site the facility use agreement will be signed by the site and sent to the district office for final review and approval. 

  4. The Superintendent and Business Office will review facility use agreement for the following

    1. Principal Approval

    2. Room Availability 

    3. The needed Insurance Documentation is provided (If Applicable)

    4. Is there a cost involved? If so, what is it? The business office will contact you regarding paying this. 

  5. The superintendent and business office will sign off on the agreement. The room or area needed will be booked for you. 

  6. The agreement will be sent back to the site at which time they will contact you to confirm or deny your request.